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Sep 5, 2018

Choosing to walk away from his family's $100 million business was the hardest decision Joe Pardo has ever made. He started in the business at 6-years old sweeping floors and over the years learned the details of every department. Most people dream of the kind of success Joe achieved, but in 2014, Joe resigned.

In episode 62, we discuss: 

  • The breaking point that led to Joe's resignation
  • How a plane ride to Disney World resulted in his first podcast
  • Why self-care is critical (yes, for men, too!) 
  • Joe's new business venture, 18 Months to Franchise
  • and why you CAN go home again

Joe Pardo is an entrepreneur, a podcaster, an author of 4 books, a runner, a sometimes DJ and a full-time husband and father. He is also living his dream of helping other business owners. You can follow Joe's journey on his podcast and vlog as he navigates returning to the family business while building out a franchise model for the company in just 18 months. How is that for a next chapter?

Joe is also the founder of the Mid-Atlantic Podcasting Conference (MAPCON), combining creativity and community. 


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