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Jul 26, 2017

What does an often shared Instagram post and a 90s TLC song have in common? They are the inspiration for this week’s episode, “I Wanna Know Who Has my Back.” Listen to my thoughts on what a like means on social media and how I categorize my 4 groups of social media “supporters."



Jul 20, 2017

Food and the people who love it! This week we discuss the worst advice my mother gave me, my limited experience with food and all things culinary, and why a new podcast and an episode of Chef's Table motivated me to try something new.  


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Jul 13, 2017

What happens when fear prevents us from achieving success? Episode 3: I wanna move past fear explores the 10 symptoms when fearing failure and what happens when I had to climb a ladder. 


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Jul 6, 2017

What happens when your career doesn't match your passions? After spending over 15 years in Corporate America, I'm addressing my curiosities and inviting you along on the ride. Episode 2: I wanna start a podcast explores the challenges I faced starting this show, why I put it off for so long and the 3 ingredients that...