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Sep 30, 2018

Did you know 70 million Americans have a criminal record? Jen Chien is the Managing Editor for the podcast, 70 Million. This documentary podcast chronicles the toxic impact of local jails on people and communities across the country, and what neighbors and local leaders are doing about it. 

Enjoy this bonus episode of

Sep 26, 2018

Mohamed Massaquoi, ex-NFL WR, had most of his left hand amputated after an ATV accident. We discuss his comeback, lessons learned and how he pivoted to a new career.

In episode 65, Mohamed and I discuss: 

  • Playing as an NFL Wide Receiver for the Cleveland Browns
  • Transitioning from college football to the NFL
  • Losing part...

Sep 19, 2018

Jennifer Sanchez is a on mission to remove the stigma from the word "fat." As she prepares to run her first marathon, in her hometown of Chicago, Jennifer is using #FatGirlsRun as her mantra to prove to herself and everyone else that you can start where you are and still achieve your goal.  

In episode 64, Jennifer and...

Sep 12, 2018

Motivational speaker and businessman, Jim Rohn, once said, "You're the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with." The people around you matter and you need people who will challenge you and help you grow.

In episode 63, we discuss:

  • 5 types of people you need in your circle
  • Identify the characteristics...

Sep 5, 2018

Choosing to walk away from his family's $100 million business was the hardest decision Joe Pardo has ever made. He started in the business at 6-years old sweeping floors and over the years learned the details of every department. Most people dream of the kind of success Joe achieved, but in 2014, Joe resigned.