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Oct 10, 2018

A woman's choices around fertility are personal. But women are also speaking more openly and candidly about fertility goals and reproduction. Ko Im, chose to make her decision public and document her journey on Instagram to help other women hear and see the real emotions, physical effects and mental preparation of the egg retrieval process. 

In episode 68, Ko and I discuss: 

  • Her decision to freeze her eggs
  • Documenting the process on Instagram
  • Advice for women considering egg retrieval 
  • How men and other partners can help women with fertility challenges
  • Yoga
  • Self-care
  • and so much more!

Ko Im is a long time mediaite, content editor, blogger and yoga and meditation teacher. Her blog, Kona Kafe, is filled with personal stories and pieces on mental health, yoga, meditation, love and more. Grab your morning cup of coffee and settle in with Ko.

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