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Jul 4, 2018

Success is about creating opportunities. If you struggle with how to get started on an idea, this episode is for you. If you wonder how one or two people on your social media timelines seem to be so “lucky” - learn the secret behind their so-called luck. We also break down the excuses you tell yourself about why you can’t get started TODAY.

I recruited Jes Perez, content creator, media personality and founder of Industry High to join me today and share her story of persistence, positivity and grit. 

 In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Why Jes loves google (and why you should, too)
  • Creating a list of people you admire
  • Importance of asking questions
  • Ways to turn the phrase "keep in touch" into opportunities
  • Giving back and helping others

Connect with Jes on social media:

Learn more about Industry High: @Industry_High 

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