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Aug 15, 2018

Monika Bhasin quit her 6-figure job at a pharmaceutical company because she felt like she was "pulling her hair and her teeth every single day." She went to acting school, waited tables, owned a food truck and more before launching her travel app, GLYD (Go Live Your Dreams). She knows the determination and courage it takes to overcome the professional, personal and psychological hurdles women face.

When we travel, we get to choose our own experience. Some choose to watch the world from the outside, as a voyeur, never really taking part. And then, there's another type of traveler -- the kind who seeks to embrace the world and live a truly authentic experience. Monika created GLYD around one very simple idea -- if you want to really experience another place, the best way to do it is with someone who lives there.

With the launch of GLYD, a travel platform that connects travelers with locals in their destination, she hopes to not only disrupt the travel industry for the better, but to also create opportunities and inspire people across the globe. 

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