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Aug 22, 2018

You have the power to design your life according to how you want to live. If you believe having the life you want is impossible, today’s episode is for you. If you think you must choose between a relationship or family and a career, you don’t. 
Darrah Brustein has spent the last decade designing and integrating her life and work, not choosing one over the other. She is the founder of the networking events company, Network Under 40 and is a regular contributor to Forbes, Thrive Global and Entrepreneur. Darrah is bringing everything she's learned to YOU at the Life By Design, Not Default Virtual Summit - 3 Days. 45 Speakers. 20+ Hours of Content, all for Free
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In today's episode we discuss how to: 
  • Find the blessing behind losing your job
  • Discover your gift - yes, you have one! 
  • Cultivate and maintain relationships and friendships and STILL be successful
Join me for the Life By Design Summit with Deepak Chopra, Jen Sincero, Adam Grant and more! 

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