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Sep 26, 2018

Mohamed Massaquoi, ex-NFL WR, had most of his left hand amputated after an ATV accident. We discuss his comeback, lessons learned and how he pivoted to a new career.

In episode 65, Mohamed and I discuss: 

  • Playing as an NFL Wide Receiver for the Cleveland Browns
  • Transitioning from college football to the NFL
  • Losing part of his hand in an ATV accident 
  • Coping with new reality
  • Wearing a prosethtic limb
  • Seeking thearapy
  • Helping other amputees cope and regain a positive attitude
  • and so much more!

Watch Mohamed's story on The Players' Tribune: YouTube

Mohamed Massaquoi is a first-team All-SEC, 2nd Round NFL draft pick, and financial advisor. Since retiring from the NFL, Mohamed has worked at Morgan Stanley and is currently a speaker and advocate for fitness, athletes in business, and amputee causes. 

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Instagram (@ironmassaquoi) | Twitter (@ironmassaquoi)


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